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I do this. I really hate going to bed empty. Makes me feel edgy. Whether I've been perfectly on plan all day or not, no matter the mix of macronutrients, no matter if I drank lots of water or some alcohol, I get the evening munchies. Trying to work a plan to deal with it.

It seems a bit of an emotional thing too. I don't really like going to bed, or letting the day go if I haven't achieved something emotionally satisfying. It was really bad while I was married, because I didn't really want to go to bed with X. And then after the divorce, the anxiety of it all clung to me for the longest time. Plus feeling lonely. So filling up on some sort of mind-numbing food helps me turn off my brain so I can go to bed.

So as I think about it now, since I've been working on the emotional side to this nighttime eating thing, I've had more problems with being able to fall asleep. Oddly, the munchies seem to disappear around 10 p.m., but I am still left with edgy anxiety.

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