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Good morning girls. It is quiet and cool this morning. Give it an hour and noise, noise as people going to work and kids getting on the school bus. We have a school bus for special needs kids that stops right across from us and makes enough noise to wake the whole neighborhood.

I finished my black belt and will put it on the towels to block today and start on Jackson's socks for Christmas. I am doing them in blackberry and gray this year. I have to pick a pattern for the top. I am going to knit the leg, they do a pattern over the top of his foot and solid gray underneath. I may do this waffle rib I did the black belt. It is only 4 stitches and an easy 4 row pattern.

It took me all day and evening to get rid of the headache. It definitely was from something strained as my neck right in the spot hurt too. My shoulder right in the bone area of the shoulder has been hurting, but it usually does when I knit a lot. I tend to unknowling lean forward when I knit and it strains the muscle right where the shoulder bone is. I am not giving up my knitting so I will have to deal with it. Sometimes heat, advil and or icy hot will help and sometimes not.

We are going to have pk cutlets with rice tonight. My weight is fluxuating some with taking these pills again, but I am not gaining weight. If I don't lose anymore right now, I am ok with that. I noticed this weekend a pair of capris I haven't worn for awhile were really loose. They used to fall right under my knee and now they are more like bottom of my calf. This morning I am going to have a banana, yogurt and a piece of pumpkin spice toast for breakfast.

If you are a Lean Cuisine eater, try the Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli. I bought it because I like mushrooms, but didn't know if I would like it with spinich. I eat raw spinich in salads, but not too much cooked but this I loved. I belong to their rewards program so I am racking up the points towards gifts I can get because I eat a Lean Cuisine meal pretty much everyday for lunch and I eat their snack things too. I am just going to collect the pts until I have a big amount before I go in and pick a gift.

Jean: Looks like it is cooling down for fall in your area. Hope you have a good time at the games on the weekend. I saw on FB that Thomas is running for student council again. He has made student council every year since 5th grade and seems to enjoy it. He will be transferring to a new high school next year and everyone will be a stranger. She doesn't want him in their high school as we have a big mess here when the county and city school merged. Each suburb city is starting their own schools and she doesn't want him in that mess so he would be going to high school closer to us actually. A good ole hot shower can fix almost anything I think, except my frightening hair at the moment! I told some friends it scares children. I have 3 weeks from Saturday and they she will cut and color my hair and put in the streaks I want. I look almost bald because of the white hair underneath and then the small amount of yucky color on top. I also have extremely fine hair so that doesn't help. It's one of the reasons I color it red. The red makes it look a lot fuller. Hope all your high finance obligations are all hunky dorey.

Susan: I hope I can keep my big fat mouth shut until I give him the Ipad. I tend to not keep secrets very well. Well, at least ones that are regarding presents. I keep people's secrets really well and usually end up in trouble because I didn't gossip it about whatever it was to another family member or friend. I think what you did for the new house was fabulous. Nothing worse then going into a house cold and trying to figure out what should go where. We will eventually be selling out couch and getting a two person love seat and get rid of the double recliner and get two recliners. Right now the only place to put the double recliner is in front of our fire place and I hate not having my fire place for cozy nights. Looks like you got some cool temps too. We have had cool overnights, but it heats right up during the day still. I am finding my allergies are worse in the last week or so than they have been. I don't have horrible ones, but enough that my darn nose runs all the time. The other day it was so bad I had to take my medication. I had a running nose and watery eyes and a tickle in my throat so that I coughed all the time and the inside of my ears itches, which is probably the worse for me. Drives me crazy when my ears start itching. I hope the shot has relieved some of the nastiness for you.

I better get going. I have laundry in the washer and cleaning and chores I want to get done before it gets too hot. I want to do a gauge for the socks this morning too so I can use the right needles. Have a grand day today!!! Faye
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