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I used to eat mindlessly at night, not because I was hungry, but because there was stuff to eat and I thought cos it was there that I should eat it. I also found that I wasn't eating enough through the day and starving by dinnertime so that I'd eat and eat. I'd eat all through dinner and nibble sometimes right up to 10pm. When I started WW I found that I had to change my nightly routine. If I usually ate while watching tv then I'd pull out the laptop and surf the net while watching my show. By keeping my mind busy the urge to eat could be contained. I also cut out anything that would trigger a binge and reintroduced these slowly weeks later (some of them I haven't even introduced yet). I also tried to swap a good thing for a bad thing. Like if I once ate chocolate after dinner, I'd now eat a tiny bag of individual wafers filled with choc. I didn't deprive myself. If I wanted chips I ate a small bag. I'm getting there and losing weight, but I still have to be mindful that I could potentially fall back into my old habits if I'm not careful.
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