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Morning all. Back to Monday and a full workweek.

Yesterday was very rainy almost all day. I had to run to the store early, but then spent a good part of the day with my tea and newspaper. Phoned my mom in the afternoon and she phoned me back a short time later because she said she’d just gotten home. Turns out she’d just gotten home from the hospital!! She wasn’t feeling well on Friday while out running errands and went home to nap. She then thought better of it and called herself an ambulance instead. She spent two nights at the hospital getting tests, etc. According to her, she had a very, very minor heart attack – she said the docs didn’t know at first if she even had one. Of course she’s rather evasive (doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news), so who knows? She only called my brother about the situation, who lives in the same town as her, and he met her at the hospital. She said she was feeling very good yesterday, but she’s gotten some prescriptions and can’t drive her car for 10 days. I’ll have to get some more information out of her, or hope my sister can. My mom spoke just as much about the poor sick woman she shared a room with - don’t know if that was just a smoke screen to distract me from her own condition. In the meantime, my visit with her is still on for a week from this Friday. She turns 80 in a couple weeks and has been very healthy until this. I think maybe now she’s thinking more seriously about getting the house decluttered and more ready to sell.

Back to my Sunday…luckily the rain stopped around 4-ish and I took doggy for a walk before he got cranky. Bf and I went to our favorite mom and pop Italian restaurant for dinner. I had stuffed peppers, which I’d never tried there. Yum. Rest of the evening was ho-hum.

Going backwards…

Saturday morning I did a bit of reading and breakfast and then one BE workout and my ab challenge for the day.

It was such a beautiful day, bf and I went to the Skokie Lagoons and rented a canoe for an hour of paddling. So nice out there. We saw a Great Blue Heron, and happened to catch it dunk its beak in the water and snag something to eat. We hope to go again when the fall color pops. There’s a boating center in the Busse Woods forest preserve area that’s much closer to us, so maybe we’ll rent a canoe or kayak from there next time.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a place that’s been around for ages and is known for its burgers. This particular location has a nice outdoor eating area and so we had some more outdoor time. Back home, I took a hour breather and then walked doggy by the creek.

All that fresh air knocked me out. In the evening, bf went to see a band. I stayed home and watched a movie I’d dvr’d on the Hallmark channel a few weeks ago. It was “First Daughter” with Katie Holmes and it was pretty fluffy. I can’t believe it was actually a theatrical release in 2004! For some reason, quite frequently when I watch movies on Hallmark, the soundtrack seems to be so loud it overpowers the dialog and I get annoyed when I can’t hear what's being said. Surprised I had a problem with this movie as well. Wonder if that’s a Hallmark issue (or a Laura issue??).

Friday’s career development workshop was alright. One of the exercises involved identifying what your interests are and how much of them you get to use in your job - it was interesting. Of course we came away with a big binder of info and yet more assessments we could do. We're supposed to set up a plan to address our career development needs. Our bosses have already been through a workshop for this, so we're supposed to meet with them after we’ve drafted a plan. I’m thinking my short-timer boss could care less, so I might just meet with someone in HR instead…

I decided to skip the ab challenge for yesterday and move it to today. (Today was supposed to be a rest day, so it works out alright to swap days.) I’ll do it before I go to my Pilates class tonight.
Ceejay – I had to look up milo and learned it’s sorghum. A-ha. Wikipedia said it was used for cattle feed and molasses. I was just listening to a podcast on my commute this morning that mentioned it was used by a small spirits distiller to make his rum. Also heard it's a major food crop in parts of Africa. Good job on doing the plank! I say don’t worry about catching up on the ab challenge, just make up your own challenge and start fresh.

Happy – Hope the vet can help poor Nina! Your cooking sounds tasty – I’m ready for some soups, stews and chili! The salsa sounded tasty too. I don’t think the Trisha Y. show is that old – I saw a mag article about it earlier in the year. Too funny – it did occur to me that the Food Network didn’t really have any cooking shows anymore, just contests. I still like the PBS America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country shows. What’s in the chili that makes your stomach react? Is it the acid in the tomatoes? Saw on FB that you saw the start of the bike race – must have been interesting to see so many bikes like that. Big woosh of money for the house stuff. Been feeling like that lately with the car repair and airfare payments. And the car apparently still has an issue that had supposedly been repaired, I think bf was taking it in again today. Bleh. Temps in the 30’s!!

Michelle – Your weekend plans sounded fun – did you enjoy yourself?

Shad – Thanks for the Mel update. Glad to hear she’s avoided the hospital. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Ugh, I’d freak if I ever had a really giant spider in the house with me. I’m really happy we seem to have had very few mosquitos around this year. I was worried because we had some very wet weather early in the season and thought it might lead to a LOT of them. I guess we got the cicadas and skunks instead, lol. Glad to hear DS2 is overcoming the Bell’s Palsy!! Looking forward to more S. photos. How did your photo wall turn out??

Annie – Glad to hear your brother is out of the hospital, hope the meds wipe out the strep. Nice to get out of work early on Friday…except for all the catching up today. I agree with you about harvests – lucky we get anything. Can’t imagine being a farmer and being at the mercy of the weather!!

Okay, enough rambling. Everyone have a great day.
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