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Good morning, ladies. 72 degrees right now and overcast. It looks like we will be having an early Fall for the leaves and falling off the trees without even changing color and the pine straw is turning brown and falling, too. It was down to 59 last night.

Faye, nice belt! Jack will be amazed with his Christmas gift. Since Sandy was only in her other house 2 years, we remembered what we did right and what we wanted to do differently with this one. The 2 of us make a good team. We had drawn a floor plan and then drew in her furniture exactly where it was going to go. We color coded the furniture, boxes and doors of the room they were to go in with colored dot stickers and posted the plan for that room so the movers could tell where things we to go with us being with them every second. That helped a whole lot. It's looking very nice and she won't be moving again since she owns this house.

I am doing laundry and working on my own house today. My fall allergies have been bad so I'm getting an allergy shot this afternoon to help with them.

Have a wonderful day!

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