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Good morning gals. I never did get in here yesterday. We went to the commissary and again 1 cashier so I gave the person that schedules an earful and told her frankly, no excuse she gave was ok. She said cashiers call off on Sunday a lot and I said, so fire them. I am sure you can get people to replace them. People need jobs. She then said that she had cashiers in the back but she didn't bring them up until there was a line. I shouted at her, "Well there's a line now." I was really mad and told her if she would get off her behind instead of sitting in the office she would know whether there was a line or not. As I have said, we have one line we stand it then they call you up to whatever cashier is free. Most commissaries we have been to do it this way to keep the aisles free. So I came home, unloaded, put away, had a bite of lunch and took a nap.

I woke up this morning with my ovaries screaming and a terrible headache. I still have the headache but the other thing seems to have settled down. My headache is on the left side in the back almost to my neck so I am wondering if it is from sleeping on it wrong. Man it hurts at the moment, like someone whacked me with a hammer. I took some Advil so I hope in a bit it will ease off.

I am about halfway done with my black belt. I am reposting a completed picture of the orange belt. I have it complete and it looks more like a belt than a long piece of knitted stuff. I had to take several inches out and then bind off. I made it to fit my waist measurements, but with the d rings on it, the weight of them stretches the belt. It fits perfect now. I used a different pattern to make the black one. I made the mistake of telling Jack black goes with everything and he says, "That's what I've been telling you. A woman only needs one pair of shoes and one purse, black." He got a for that comment.

Jean: Yesterday was nice and cool here until about 2 PM then it was 87 degrees. We were done and home by that time though. I bought some Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice bread so I am hoping a slice for breakfast will be good. I buy they raisin bread, cinnamon bread and blueberry bread. They make a good breakfast as long as I only eat a slice as they are higher in pts than regular bread. I can't believe it is fall already, but thrilled since it makes the cruise closer. I can also get my hair cut and colored in 3 weeks. I told the salon people my hair looks so bad I frighten children. I am waiting as I want the rich color before it starts to fade for the cruise. Either your church membership is small or you have someone who makes it their business to keep track of who is missing church. When we lived in Indiana we had people like that. We Baptists find it criminal to miss a service. Being funny about it is one thing, but these particular people would quiz you about why you weren't at church. MYOB, folks!!

Maggie: Hope your computer system is all set up now and you are zooming right along. I checked out the apple site and found I can order Jack's present online (online you can get free engraving) then have it sent to the store in town, which is what I am going to do. I rarely get to surprise him and since he never looks at the credit card statement I feel pretty sure I will give him a huge surprise. Thank you for asking if I could pick it up in town!!

Susan: Glad the house issue is now all settled. You two must be miracle workers to get it done almost by yourselves. I watched one of those house buying programs and at the end they show how long the people have been in their house and they talk about how much they love it. This particular couple had been in their house 4 months and were unpacking. When Jack was in the Navy and we would have them pack us up and move us, I had the house all put together in 2 days. I couldn't stand having boxes all over the place and trying to hunt for dishes and such.

You gals have a great start to your week. I am going to knit for a bit then get chores done for the day. Have to get rid of the headache first. Faye
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