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Happy Monday...

Brother is out of the hospital. Found out the infection in his knee was strep and not staph infection so that was a huge plus. He is on very strong antibiotics now that he is out of the hospital. His blood sugar is under control now and his kidney levels are almost normal. Amen for prayers answered.

Curtis deep cleaned my laundry room yesterday and also put up a couple of shelves. I told him he could move on to the bathrooms, not so much of that did he do. lol. Anyway the laundry room looks fabulous. What a man.

SHAD...thanks for the update on Mellie. Sounds like you might like this job a little more than the prior jobs. Good for you.

HAPPY...I can barely stand to watch TV anymore. Too many stinkin commercials and frankly, I cannot stand reality TV. There is just too much of it. Bring back sitcoms like Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, stuff like that, entertaining, comic, laughter. That is my two cents. Poor lil Nina. I sure hopes she gets straightened out soon.

CHELLE...sounds as if you had another wonderful weekend. Good for you. Pinch yourself, it is for real. Living life and loving it.

CEEG...I know how you feel about ho hum days at the job. I start getting the Sunday afternoon/evening blues about going to work on Mondays, then have to remind myself as least I have a job to go to, bleh.

LAURA...I figure anything we get out of the garden with this crazy weather, we have had a successful harvest. I agree with you. Friday afternoon meetings/sessions are the worst. Our internet and phones were down all day on Friday, so we all left a noon. Amazing how we depend on them so much.

MELLIE...still sending love and prayers.

That is it for me, gotta catch back up from Friday's loss.



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