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Will have to catch up later in the day on Monday. We are off to the vets first thing with poor Miss Nina. I'm hoping that her older sister will make the contribution we need in order to proceed. Poor little kitty - she is such a trooper but has dealt with so much in her young life. She was laying the bed tonight and I was petting her and she is indeed "bunny soft" as they proclaimed at the vet. In spite of her digestive issues, her fur really is nice and clean and soft. Hoping for the best for the wee thing...

Watched an episode of a Food Network show where they actually did cooking surprise, surprise. Everyone is complaining about 1) Paul Deen not getting her contract renewed and 2) how the Food Network has gone from actual cooking shows to competitions and game shows. This must have been an older show with Trisha Yearwood (the country singer). She made a divine salsa with avocado, tomatoes (which as she described were sidekicks, not the star of the dish), a bit of onion, the usual cilantro and lime juice but the secret to this was chopped pineapple. Ok Shad I know that totally ruined it for you But it was wonderful. I didn't have any fresh on hand and had to use canned but I am really liking salsas that have fruit in them. That was my dinner as DH ate the chili I made the other night which gave me horrid indigestion and I couldn't think of anything else that sounded that appealing to me. Of course now that I am about to go to bed I am hungry.

And really, I should hit the hay as we have an especially early rise tomorrow. Good night all.

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