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Hi all,

I've been MIA (and largely off plan) all weekend. I actually didn't do so well last week either. 2 cookies is a treat. 16 cookies is a binge. I've had 3 not good days in a row.

So, after the ice cream at the car show this afternoon, I realized I needed to recommit--as of right then. Recommit to:
  • Planning the next day's food the night before, in detail, including entering everything into MFP--no mental plan for a while--it's not been enough
  • Sticking to my weekly meal plan--with deviations planned the night before, not when I get home from work
  • Making sure I know exactly when and how I'm going to exercise
  • Preparing my lunch and snack the evening before (when I enter into MFP)
  • Posting here every night again
  • Reading my cards
  • Re-reading the pink book, a chapter a day

If that means that my for pleasure reading has to go on hold again, then that's what it means. I've been enjoying the Patricia Briggs urban fantasy, but my weight loss is stalled and I need to make it my priority again.

So, as part of my recommit and priority setting:
  • Planned all of next week's meals and made my grocery list for tomorrow
  • Entered all of tomorrow's food into MFP
  • Set the alarm for tomorrow to get up and go for a walk before work
  • Posted tonight
  • Read chapter 2 of the pink book
  • Made a new response card:
    To lose weight and keep it off permanently, I need to strength my resistance muscle every chance I get.

So--lots of credits!

Back on track...take care everyone.
Goal: Back to where I was!

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