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Quick check in since I am having my morning tea at the moment.

Yesterday went by in a flash. I cleaned down the kitchen. It was looking a little like a bomb went off since I had done some vege prep and some baking. Banana cake turned out well, but the Afghan biscuits were crumbly. Guess I didn't get the butter soft enough or something.
Just as I got the kitchen more or less straight and was about to start on the next task, the DS2 appeared and stayed for a cup of tea and a chat. He seems to be overcoming the Bells Palsy but the bruising on his legs and feet are quite gruesome and worrying. No doubt the blood tests will come up with something, hopefully this week. Hopefully it will be an easy fix as well.

Last night DS1's partner came through with some new photos. I'll get them to you as I can. S is growing up so fast. She has taken a few steps on her own, still prefers to hold onto mum or dads finger but is getting better at it. While she was here, they put a lock of her hair into a pony tail at the top of her head. I called it a palm tree - hey S you've got a palm tree on your head. Well now she has two palm trees on her head. Her hair is growing very fast.

Happy - love the sound of the soup. Yep the seasons sure are changing. We have our bugs back - or most of them anyway. Yesterday the biggest spider I have ever seen walked into my bedroom and around my bed. I gently guided him back outside. The flies were making a nuisance of themselves while I was baking (so was the cat - fish was on the menu) and I got bitten by some bloody mosquitoes when watering the garden last night. We haven't had enough of a winter to really get rid of them. It's going to be a long hot summer according to the powers that be. How the **** do they know. They can't even get tomorrows weather right much less next years.

Ceejay - Milo - what plant gives milo to us? I always thought it was a mixture of sugar, cocoa and some malty stuff. Shows how much I know.

Right better get off and do some more. Seeya
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