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Yesterday's unplanned day went as I expected. Lots of exercise to get me to the mid-point of my goal at mid-month helped.

Today's challenge is that I don't know what we're doing and that's hard to plan around! MiL went home from rehab yesterday and we're going to visit (about an hour's drive each way) today. No word, yet, on whether we're going to slip out between meals, or pack lunch for three so she can eat with us, or what. We're also holding open the idea of some sort of carry-out tonight if the day proves too taxing. Although, I may argue against that -- it may be taxing, but it will also produce nervous energy. We might as well use the energy to fix supper.

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ForMyGirls: great to see you here and in a better place

BillBlueEyes: Sorry that you caught the back pain from ForMyGirls. Hope you heal quickly!
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