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Hi everyone. Sorry been gone. DS is back home. Working things out with DIL. Took them shopping the other night for clothes, they both need interview busness work clothes so we bought them some. Thank goodness for 30% off at Kohls. DS started new job on Thursday. I dont think he cares for it but he is atleast working & getting some $ coming in. DIL had a couple interviews this week but no luck. Will be harder for her since she just got her high school diploma in May & has never worked, she is also pretty quite. DS BSed his way, the military helped him be able to do that.

I have quit my new job already. I called BF one night during training cuz I was so frustrated from the way the other people in training was so disrespective & the the manager/trainer let it go on. Plus I was seeing that most of the managers there started back in March. Makes me really think of the high turnover along with quite afew of the other people in training had already worked there before & quit & back again. I talked to BF about it & we both agree that my work ethics & what I expect back I will not get there. He told me to quit. He said take a few months off readjust to days get done what I want before start working again. He told me has been throwing me hints for months now to quit but I just have not been getting the hints. He is so different then my Ex. My Ex looked at the $$ in everything. BF & I are happy as long as the bills get paid. After we desided I would quit he says good now we can go to Utah for Grandsons 1st BDay. I knew he wanted to go & had tried looking for reasonable plane tickets (couldnt find any) for him to go but he didnt want to go by himself. So we are driving. Going for 2 weeks.

I have gotten more done in the couple weeks I have been out of IBM then I have gotten done in the last several months. Since quiting the other job too I have been getting my "spring" cleaning done. I am down to 3 1/2 rooms. I only have to mop the floors in the 1 room then I am done with it. The kitchen will be the worst room & will leave it for last. We dont have hardly any counter space so thats one reason why its the worst.

Havent gotten bike out much this yr. My friend hasnt had time to ride. I am legal now to ride on my own but I like to ride with someone just incase something does happen. Which did any of you make it to the DC rally? My cousin went. I am so envious of him. I wish I could have gone but there is no way my 250 (or me) could have handled the ride. BF & I are hoping that we both have new bikes to go next yr. They plan on making it a yearly thing.
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