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Default Happy May Day!

First of all, Angie, I'm thinking about you. I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mom. We're all here for you!

Ali: I meant to say congrats on reaching goal! You're an inspiration to us all!

Now ... is it possible to lose 50 lbs. in 6 weeks?? I know, of course not, but I just found out that my super-thin, tall, glamorous step-sister is coming to the same wedding I'm going to June 16. It's actually her "real" cousin, not mine, but he lives in Virginia and I didn't think she'd make the trip from New Hampshire. Grrrr. Some of you have heard me talk about her before. Her name is Buffy, and I've had a complex about her my whole life. Even back in high school, when I weighed 125, I always thought I was fat next to her. She's 5'8" and weighs about 110 (she wears a size ZERO jeans), whereas I'm only 5', and I've always felt like the ugly duckling. When I went out for the cheerleading squad in high school I think it was just to prove myself that I could be one of "those" people. I made it, too. Don't worry, I HAVE adjusted over the years, because I like my life and wouldn't want hers. She got pregnant at 19, dropped out of college, married, had another kid, got divorced, works as a bartender now ... she hasn't had it easy. For that I feel for her. But we have nothing in common, and she can't even carry on a decent conversation. (Her name ain't Buffy for nothing!

Guess I'll make it through somehow. Maybe I can at least lose 10 pounds, providing I didn't gain over the past two weeks! I'm sure I went up a pound or two, though, but TODAY I am back on program and I'm going to stay on program. By July 1, I want to be below 170!

Well, I better find some work to do. I was all energized yesterday and now I feel like doing nothing again. Sigh. It might have to do with my b/f being off and I want to be home with him! We had yesterday evening together, though, and it was lovely.

Have a good day, girls!
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