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Default Example to my daughter.

I decided a week ago enough is enough, I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant a year and a half ago and I worry that I'll end up with type 2, my legs and back ache every day, I look more pregnant than I did when I was pregnant and I get light headed and I have no motivatation to do anything when I get up in the morning. I also want to have a proud daughter and healthy daughter and not be the fat mum on the playground that no-one talks to. So I need to set a good example for her. I don't wnat her to end up unconfident and depressed about being fat, most her life like I have been so far.

It's been brewing for a while. I have decided this time to take it slowly though and work myself up to fitness fanatic in stages. I used to say to myself, right diet starts monday, keep fit regime starts as well and I will lose a half a stone each week. I lasted half a day max! It was like I was going to climb Everest in my head on monday morning. I realise now that this was unacheivable. So I have started with the keep fit videos, and then I will improve my diet over time, and not completely restrict myself of anything. I will then introduce different keep fit things as time goes on. Just hope it works this time. I think I just need to stop pressurising myself to the point where I give up as it seems impossible
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