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Good morning, ladies!

I really thought I had talked myself out of going to the gym yesterday after work. I had my packed gym bag in the car as I do every day, but the entire way home, I was telling myself how tired and sore I still was from ziplining, and wouldn't it be better if I just waited a day until the water aerobics class. So I'm getting off the freeway, on the way to picking up my dog from day care, and I pulled into the gym parking lot and said...I'll just try and do 10 minutes on the recumbent bike...if it hurts, I'll stop...if not, I'll continue. I ended up doing 35 minutes on the bike at an average speed of 11 mph. I was all sweaty when i went to pick up Santa. After I got home, I did about 30 minutes of power cleaning because my room had become a cluttered mess. I'm really glad I worked out yesterday. It helped loosen up the stiff back and leg muscles, and the endorphins felt great! I'm so looking forward to water aerobics tonight!

Breakfast this morning was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a bowl of fresh fruit, which is a whole lot better for me than either the Egg McMuffin with a Large McCafe Mocha Frappe that was calling me when I dropped Santa at day care. And it's also better than the Pop Tarts from the vending machine.

Laura - Thanks for the info about the challenge! I can't even do one full sit up, unless I have something holding my feet down. And my physical therapist told me that full sit ups use the abdominals only for the first part and then when you're at about halfway up, it's all hip flexors, so she told me planks (standard and side) are the BEST and most complete ab exercise. Congrats on the loss at weigh in!! Good for you for being so close to goal...I've heard it is tougher the closer you get to goal. I can understand the chip on your shoulder...but look at it this least when you reach your 10%, you're only 4 lbs away from goal. When I reach my 10%, I'll still be 60 lbs away from goal (90 lbs if I use WW's goal weights). Most of the ziplines go fairly quickly...anywhere from 10-25 seconds. The first one, where I braked early, I was probably on for a few minutes. I'm impressed you're doing Pilates. Most of the moves really kicked my butt. I can do 100's and planks...but that's it.

Ceejay - If I were you, I'd definitely do the beginner zipline, and if you like it you can progress to a more advanced one. It is definitely something to experience. It sounds like you're taking this 3 day weekend for you. Good for you!

Annie - Sorry you lost your post.

Hi Happy and Shad! I hope dear Mel is doing better.

Much love and many hugs,

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