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Hi Michelle - I'm so glad you had a fabulous b-day!!! Gosh, hadn't thought about the possibility of spinning around while on the zipline - now that sounds scary!! So how long were you actually on there?? Sorry you had the nausea afterwards. Glad you're feeling better today.

The ab challenge is here: I don't think it's quite as much as the squat challenge. By Day 30 of this challenge, you do 125 situps, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises and a 120 second plank. As I mentioned to Ceejay - I was thinking of nixing the situps and adding that quantity of reps to the crunches just because I don't care for the situps much. I will definitely be splitting up the reps and doing sets at various times of the day when the reps start getting high!

Happy - You poor thing - so much going on! Sorry there's been health issues in your household as of late. What Michelle said re your dh's rash was interesting, and I do recall years ago being in a meeting when a coworker became completely flushed right after he took a dosage of niacin his doc had prescribed for him. He phoned his doc immediately and was instructed to take a baby aspirin. I sure hope the tests for dh and kitty help diagnose what's going on. What an outflow of money you're experiencing right now! We have a microwave oven and a separate toaster oven, so I can't help you with advice re a combo oven. Our toaster oven has a convection feature and that's nice. Our full-size range has one too, but that feature tends to blow a circuit breaker, so we don't use it. We've never gotten around to calling in the electrician to put the range on its own circuit, duh. I hope nothing else breaks down on you right now. As for that PITA project, I just got a nice e-mail yesterday from the boss's boss: "Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Great job and thanks!" Whew, I was glad it was what was needed! Re the digital magazines, yes, you can view them on a desktop computer or a tablet also. Re the weather - we're also getting a cool-down on Thursday, but not quite as extreme as yours. Not ready for that yet, so it's a good thing!! Hope your shift at the shop went well today.

I wiped out the gain I had last week at the WW weigh-in with a loss today of exactly the same amount. Yay for that! Glad that's gone, and onward and DOWNWARD. Doing a bit of the math, I'm 4.2 pounds away from my 10% target and 8 pounds from what I believe will be my chosen final goal. So close, but yet so difficult!

I think I have a chip on my shoulder about not having reached my 10% yet with WW because in reality, I already reached it if I count back to when I started this journey pre-WW a year ago August. And yes, I've told myself that feeling that way is just plain silly - the 5% and 10% targets and the individual 5 pound losses are just milestones. I know the %'s are significant because studies show losing those amounts really do help your health, but for me, it'll be achieving the final goal that's important, because I'll be at a healthy weight/BMI. It would be really nice to be able to get off the blood pressure meds. I'll see what the doc says when I have my followup next month.

Okay, enough rambling about that. Back to work.

PS - The boss sent an e-mail saying their flight was cancelled due to tropical storm Gabrielle and they are stuck in NY and will try again tomorrow.
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