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Hi everybody, I'm still in the thick of the moving; have put away almost everything from phase 1 and phase 2 (the POD) comes this weekend. Most of this is going to goodwill or the dump. I just don't have room for anything else much. I haven't needed it for the past two months and some of it much longer than that. I've been making trips to the trash and the Goodwill regularly since the move, really simplifying and throwing things overboard. I like the streamlined feeling but I suspect deep inside I'm mourning things a bit too, especially those things that have to do with DH, may he rest with the angels.

Food wise I am good, down another pound, working the program for the most part, but had popcorn for dinner last night. I had a salad for lunch today and hardly finished half - I try to like salads, I just can't anymore!! It never occurred to me to vandalize my shakes with a pureed veggie, zoesmom, and I can't promise I will try it, but in theory it does make sense. You have a much more adventurous spirit than I do, that's why I don't mind the same old envelopes over and over and over. Just not getting enough veggies is my problem, but when I get moved and find my steamer I will try harder!!

for every 5 lbs. lost!
1) Break 200 lbs.
2) Normal fasting blood sugar with no meds (70-100mg)
3) No longer morbidly obese (162-180 lbs.)
4) No X on clothes
5) No longer obese (150-156 lbs.)
6) Healthy weight (114-144 lbs.)
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