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Morning girls,

Geez, whole lotta troubles in the world today Sending prayers for your brother Annie, hope this is something that can be treated and mended quickly. Also sorry to hear about DS2 Shad - I have heard that is a condition that eventually works itself out but has to be incredibly frustrating in the interim. And then there is poor Mel who is not only sick but has to deal with the crazies on top of it. Give the woman a tin foil pointed hat - the crazy not Mel - and send her on her way.

This week everything decided to break in bits. First the light in the closet went out. I was pulling down the shades the other night and one of the cellular shades broke. That means 9 replacements at over $1,000. Then DH was warming something yesterday and the top vent grill decided to just break and fall off the microwave. There are 2 pieces that are screwed in to hold it and the plastic just deteriorated away. The microwave still works but it's due for a replacement. I looked into convection microwaves which is a combo oven and microwave but I think I'll stick with a plain old microwave unless any of you want to offer up some comments. The light in the laundry room decided to follow it's mate in the closet although DH said it's probably just a light bulb that's out. And then we have poor sick Miss Kitty Cat. Something is preventing her from digesting her food - could be a lack of pancreatic enzymes, could be a B12 deficiency will take a battery of $100 blood tests to find out further. Monday they are doing a procedure which will introduce working bacteria into her gut to try and grow what needs to be there. It's a more intense method than simply eating yogurt per se. I won't say more because it's gross but it will involve some nasty work on our part. Good thing we love our animals. However money is just flying out the door. But sometimes life is like that. I don't really want to go back to work and seeing how this job I applied for is paying way more than the standard going rate around here, I doubt I will be called for an interview and even if, it will probably just be a courtesy one to show they are trying to be fair to all candidates. DH is having some expensive blood tests also to dry and determine the cause (and treatment) of a rash on his legs. Sounds like it's more than just weak blood vessels. Mom is just being a ... stubborn pain... really digging her heels in and being so childishly stubborn that she deserves to be in time out. Her stubbornness is going to get her into some major trouble if she doesn't knock it off. My poor sister has been taking the brunt of it. My back is doing a bit better but is still touchy so I am trying to be careful. While some of you are in a heat wave, autumn will arrive on Thursday as we bump down into the 60's during the day and the 30's at night. I think it's time to take out the garden. I considered tarping just the tomatoes, don't think it's worth the effort. Can't set the greenhouse over the tomato bed either as I'd have no way to get to the back of the greenhouse to harvest the plants. So it was a so so year for the garden. I got a few herbs to plant in small pots for the winter inside - just hope the cats won't take notice of them.

Laura - sure has been hot and humid out your way. Even if it's not so so, I hear the humidity is very high. Glad you got a good Pilates instructor. That means a lot and not everyone who teaches is good at it. I'm interested to hear how you like the barre class and what they do in it. Living vicariously through you How did you make out with that project they threw at you a few weeks ago with the oops we decided to give you less time on the deadline part? As for the bats, DH came in last night from taking down the bird feeder and said he saw at least 3 bats flying around. They are VERY GOOD at nabbing mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Right now we seem to have an influx of flying ants. I was standing on the deck yesterday and noticed the air is filled with flying things though I could not make out what. DH clarified. That's probably what has the bats unusually active too. Not sure if they will be looking for winter roosts either. I think we will get an early winter up this way. So enjoy your warmth while you have it. Great score on the library digital magazines - some excellent titles there. Can you look at them at home on the computer also? I can't imagine reading magazines on an iPhone. Guess that makes me old.

Ceejay - good for you for making a go at the abs challenge! I guess it's pretty hot down by you also - could be what's making you sleepy. Make the best of your 3 days off, it goes fast.

Shad - are you on a local contract where you get to stay in town? It annoys me too with the email situation. Sometimes (well often) think that the people practice a head in the sand / forgot to listen and or care attitude and only worry about a tiny piece of the problem. Do you find it gets harder to get enthused about going back to work? I would.

Rest well Mel sending you good thoughts. I'll have to send you some pictures too.

Hi Michelle

Time to go get ready - I am doing the afternoon shift at the store today. Have a good day all.
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