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Evening all
First day back at work and I am knackered. Didn't do much either - as per normal I had a login but no authorisation to do anything on the computer. I got that put right and then didn't have SAP access. Oh and get this, the guy on the help desk who solved my network problems sent me an email to say that it was fixed. Hello, I don't have access and my password is now defunct - how can I get my email???? Hello!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle. Bit late, but it was on time in Facebook. Glad to hear that you had a great day.

Laura is back at the beach again I see from her avatar.

Happy is on the run.

DS2 has contracted Bells Palsy. He is not a happy chappy. But it will come right given time. It's not like he had a stroke although that is what he thought was happening. He is also covered in huge bruises but can't see what is causing them. So blood tests all around for him. Unusual because he rarely gets sick and is not a good patient. Poor J. She has to put up with him.

Gotta run. Have a little bit more left to do before I can sit down and relax. Better sort out some lunch and dinner for tomorrow too. Need to do some shopping or Miss Puss will not get any dinner.
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