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Morning all.

Ceejay Ė Nice to have a partner in the ab challenge! :-) Iíve also been thinking of replacing the sit-ups with something else too. I thought crunches had replaced traditional sit-ups long ago as a better alternative - work the abs more/better. The traditional ones tend to work the hip flexors more than the abs themselves! In the past I have done full sit-ups in Pilates class, but they are more like roll-ups Ė done very very slowly so as to work the abs, and we only do a few reps before moving on to the next thing. Not the same thing at all really. I might just add the quantity of sit-ups to the crunches and do only the crunches. As for the leg raises, I like the idea of doing them one leg at a time, or Iíve also done them with the knees bent instead of straight, and alternating legs. Itís smart to modify for yourself. The central idea of the challenge is to do something consistently and progressively work up to more reps to challenge yourself and get strong in the process. Sorry to hear about your monitor breaking down. If you get a new one, make it nice and big- so much easier to see! I hope your back and neck are better now.

Happy Ė Sorry to hear dhís back is giving him trouble. I hope the pain eases up for him. As for Nina bugging him Ė cats have their own timetable, donít they?? LOL. Good luck with the job you applied for. Even if you donít want to work, Iím sure the peace of mind concerning insurance & financial matters would make it more bearable. Re assisted living - my mother is definitely healthy enough right now to forgo having 3 meals provided for her at one of those assisted living facilities Ė she ideally needs one of those places that have a range of facilities from a simple apartment to progressively more services, as needed. OMG, too bad about the string in the blind breaking. We invested in very nice wood blinds all over most of the house and the plastic mechanisms in the ones on the west side windows are starting to show signs of problems Ė probably because the sun/heat has made them brittle and more likely to break. In fact, the largest blind thatís on the living room picture window will no longer rise and on another one in the living room, the tilt mechanism doesnít work. Sigh. Weíre making do right now, but itís very frustrating to not be able to get the correct part for the one blind. We havenít even addressed the possibility for repair of the other, which broke relatively recently. Eek re the bat!! Hope itís not rabid and is just finding a new spot. Do you think it helps with the mosquitos at all??

Michelle Ė Sounds like you had a great weekend! Iím glad you had a do-over and did it up right because you deserve it. Youíve worked so hard to turn things around for yourself. Iím glad to hear you so happy these days!

Shad Ė Thanks for passing along the news on Mel from Jen. Sounds like itís gonna take some time to get everything working again!! I just hope the hospital can be avoided!!! I hope your first workday back went well Ė getting your brain back into work mode after a lot of time off had to be difficult. Your garden is going to be so pretty! I love that itís raised a bit. And what a gorgeous rose! What a green thumb you have! Yummmm, corn. Love it roasted on the grill and slathered with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper! Good thing we havenít done a lot of that this year!

Hi Annie!! Hi Mel!!

Java Ė I also agree that the crazy lady bugging poor Mel is also the person who peed in the elevator. Have a great week.
Nothing much to report. It was nice being at home on Saturday morning. I sorted and filed some paperwork in the home office. I cycled over to my hair appointment. It was a hot day so after I pedaled back home, I watched several episodes of Monarch of the Glen during the afternoon. I have to return the dvdís tonight. At least I got through about half of the 4th season. No hurry Ė the series is no longer being made and once I get through all the seasons, thatís it, so why rush through it? Also did some laundry and a dog walk.

Yesterday morning was a lazy day with the newspapers. Aside from that I did laundry and a dog walk. Went out for lunch and then a stop at the market. We had tacos last night, using up all but one of our big tomatoes. We have a couple more ripening on the vine, but bf gave away several on Saturday.

I was reading one of our library newsletters the other day and learned we have free access to digital magazines. It was a bit of a PITA to set up Ė two separate accounts Ė but I now have access to some magazines online, including Weight Watchers, Shape, Food Network magazine, etc. Not too keen on looking at them with my cell phone, but I might try to learn how to use our iPad (bf is currently the only one using it) so I can browse mags on it.

Tonight is the first Mat Pilates class of the session. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my BE dvds. Hope they get here this week so I can add a third workout to my week.

Thatís about it for me, better post and get back to it before the interruptions make me lose this.
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