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CC, I can't wait to see the new fairing blinged out! So, you have a little over a year until B-B-BBQ... I expect to see it blinged to the max.

Holly, how is the job? I know you are in the busy season. Are you getting to ride any other than going to work and back?

Colleen, How are you doing? How is the job?

Sunster, How are you?

Dawn, How are things with your son? And did you get a new job?

I have not started exercising yet..... but I am eating on track again.... this week didn't go too badly. Since I started on Tuesday I have lost 5 pounds..... I know it is the beginning..... but I needed a "whoosh" like that. I have not started walking, BUT, I plan to this week.

Drum roll please, I FINALLY finished the longest move in history. I am not just trying to get the final things unpacked. I am just glad we are done getting things out of the house. We had a HORRIBLE few experiences trying to rent it out.... but I think we finally got a good couple in there. Trust me, I would NOT do rental property for a living.

I am going to get busy a little bit. Lol.

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