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Redrose Its amazing how much weight loss is a mind trip! Its like, there's these insane expectations of what it means to be healthy and fit. Certain weights that everyone wants to be or sizes everyone wants to be. I think its great that you are so close to goal and happy where you are. You have a great attitude towards weight loss and its really refreshing to see

Atarimae Haha I get weirdly paranoid about stuff too! Like I won't really count a weigh in till I've seen that weight 3 times, weird things like that, so I totally get the whole wanting to lurk thing


So yesterday I got home in the evening and with all my clothes on stepped on my scale and it read 150.0 >_< I'm away from my scale again till tomorrow since I'm visiting my boyfriend. Man, I hate getting all obsessive like this and some of you may remember my scale got taken away from me earlier, but its really because being in the 140s means so much to me. Like, I feel solidly not overweight there and people have always given me lots of compliments when I weigh around the 140s. Grrr!

Hey so I thought you guys might like to check this out You put in your measurements and it tells you your size! Make sure to click US for the sizes though because I was on UK sizes without realizing it and started to get depressed haha
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