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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
Recently I keep seeing 6-8 oz protein (various people, various threads)
Am I missing something?
The protocol says 8 oz.

Is this just another House Rule at certain clinics?

There have been various protocols over the last few years & I think some coaches take the parts they like best (lowering protein at dinner, restricting restricteds further, for example) instead of keeping up and keeping IP uniform.

I completely understand the need to tweak for individual dieters as time goes by but it sure seems like we are all told wayyy different things.
I was talking with my coach about this very subject this week at my WI. As I've mentioned before, I am really lucky because my coach and the clinic I go to are GREAT! They focus on the science of the program, and make the goal to lower your body fat, not hit a certain weight. They have the scale that (in my lingo), shoots laser beams up your butt to determine how much of your body is fat, muscle, water, etc. So this week even though I only lost 3.6 lbs overall, I lost 5 lbs. of fat, which is very motivating!

Anyway, she said that unfortunately a lot of doctors will see that the program works so they decide they want to start selling it, so they put one of their employees in charge of the program and they don't necessarily understand the science, maybe they've never had a weight issue so they totally can't relate, etc. She cautioned me about believing things I read on here, and told me to run things past her before I try them.

It's really too bad. If we put our heart and soul (and money!) into this program, we all deserve the best advice possible.

Well, that's my rant for today! Now I'm off to buy meat and veggies . . . and beads! :-)

Have a great day, everyone!
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