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Originally Posted by lisa32989 View Post
Recently I keep seeing 6-8 oz protein (various people, various threads)
Am I missing something?
The protocol says 8 oz.

Is this just another House Rule at certain clinics?

There have been various protocols over the last few years & I think some coaches take the parts they like best (lowering protein at dinner, restricting restricteds further, for example) instead of keeping up and keeping IP uniform.

I completely understand the need to tweak for individual dieters as time goes by but it sure seems like we are all told wayyy different things.
My coach told me it was fine to cut down to 6 oz when I was having issues eating a full 8 oz of some proteins at dinner. She told me the protein needs for a woman 5'2 is different than, for example, a man who is 6'5 (which would be my boss who lost 120 lbs on IP). She said as long as I'm between 6 & 8 oz I'm fine. She's been right on everything else, so I tend to believe her. I'm lucky - I have an outstanding coach!

She used the fancy scale last week that shows lean mass, etc., etc. (which I know aren't terribly accurate) and I forget what the exact number was but she said I was doing great.

I'm not advocating anyone cutting down on protein - this is just what works for me based on my coach's advice.

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