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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd be lurking around rather than posting often. I think it was this some sort of paranoia that I'd go back up to 160 and not be here. That said, I am safely in the 150s.

Dott ~ Haha, in a sense I'd definitely enjoy it if my scale's the meanest of the bunch! Just because going to the doctor's would mean the scale would weigh less. :P You're so close to the 140s, good job!

Rose ~ Although I'm not 5'4, I have my goal set at 125 just to actually have a number there. At the 150s, I don't exactly wear my weight where I want it to be and I doubt an extra 10 lbs off would help it enough to that point. I do have a smaller frame as well, so that could also make a difference. I think I was probably in my mid 120s when I could comfortably wear a size 6, so good on you!

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