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amandie Great to have you!

size8 Great work! 12lbs is so close I know it must be surreal for you, yesterday I realized I only have 25lbs to my original goal!

RedRose I totally feel you. I too just picked 125 since that is what everyone seems to set as their goal weight. But remember, there is no rule. Being 120-125 won't make you healthy or happy. It just depends on what your goals and aesthetics are. I want to be smaller for aesthetic reasons and because I have a smaller frame, and think 125 will sit nicely on me. My sister is 5'7 and a model. Her weight fluctuates from 115-120. She is a size 0 and actually has trouble finding clothes small enough sometimes. For me 125 isn't a hard goal either, I plan to re-evaluate at 140, since I know from before I really liked that weight

Blah wasn't able to weigh myself today yet. Feelings a little bloated since I went out to dinner with my sister for her birthday. Weighed on my parents scale, it said 146-147ish(its analogue) but it always weighes a 2-3lbs lighter then mine. My scale is actually the meanest scale I've met and weighed on haha Even the doctor scale seems to weigh me lighter So since the 140s haven't showed up on my scale yet, I'm not counting it.
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