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Great job everyone, I've been busy with work so I have not been able to log in for the past few weeks. Well i went for my weigh in this morning and 138lb *shocked*. That is exactly 25lb weight loss from february to date, if you had asked me 8months ago if I could do it. I would have definitely said NO. I have about 12lb before I get to goal, it's so close its actually quite scary. I guess now I have to move to the Featherweights section, I dont even feel like a Featherweight.

All the best ladies, keep up the great work.
Mini Goal #3

Ultimate Goal:

Mini Goal #1: 154lb --- Met 16/03/2013
Mini Goal #2: 145lb --- Met 30/06/2013
Mini Goal #3 (Normal BMI): 136lb --- Met ???
Mini Goal #4: 128lb --- Met ???

1 happy dance for every 5lb lost
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