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Hi GG,

I'm still here....

If you don't mind.... What are your TSH and FT4 levels, along with the lab norms as they all vary a bit from lab to lab? In addition, what has been your dosages of propanolol and methimazole over time? Also, was the propanolol prescribed for tachycardia?

I can certainly understand your frustration with weight gain..... When I was hyperthyroid, I could eat anything I wanted, and I mean anything. I also was losing weight at an incredible rate. I was gaunt, and friend if mine were thinking deathly suck thoughts about me....

Then I start started getting my thyroid under control with methimazole. I ballooned... 50 lbs in a short period of time and went through 3 sizes of clothing. I had kept eating at hyper-metabolistic rates.....

My endo warned me it would happen but then really chastised me when I did. My hormone levels have stabelized using methimazole and I've been able to avoid surgery or RAI. I 've also struggled with my weight, but have eliminated so many of the negitives of Graves - tachycardia, irritability, foggy thinking, shakes, insomnia, excessive perspiration, etc.

I'm generally very happy with my endo. He's taught me a lot, been patient with my questions and listens to my desires. I feel I have a say in my medical needs and he has no problem with a patient who pushes back. Weight Watcher's helped me regain perspective of how much I was eating. I lost 40 of the 50 I had put on, but I plateau'd, got frustrated a put weight back on.

I recently moved over to a paleo diet, and have started to lose again...

I'm not on this forum much lately, but let me know how I can help?
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