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Originally Posted by Tifftastic05 View Post
Hey ladies! I'm glad to see that everyone else is doing well. I'm still at 182. 2 people quit at work lately, and we've been busy, so I've had to start picking up some extra hours. And school is still a struggle this semester. Oh the excuses go on. I'm just glad to be maintaining and not re-gaining. It really is harder to restart than it is to just keep going, but I'm going to keep trying. My problem is when I work open to close and can't take a break every few hours to eat, so then I'm starving by the time I get home, and don't make good choices. Anyone have any suggestions? I work in a bank and can't really eat at the window, and I only get one break each day when we have a slow spot. Maybe I should get some bars and eat one as soon as I hit the car so that I'm not quite as starving?
You may not be able to eat, but you CAN have drinks The shakes are your friend when you are unable to step aside for a meal. You can find fruit drink mixes (which are surprisingly good and filling) instead of the shakes, so it appears you are having only flavored water. Make your lunch the morning of or the night before. It chills well, especially the spicy mac and cheese...just add an extra ounce of water when making it. 30 seconds to reheat and instant and quick lunch! Add a bar and voila!

Remember to try and keep bars to one a day...they are just too high in carbs! I have found beef jerky (Jack's Link 2oz only) has the right amount of carbs, protein, fat, and calories and is a quick fix for hunger pains. A V8 is surprisingly filling....just make sure to count it as part of your veggies. The cream of chicken soup or the tomato soup, while not great, a wonderful for the "I need something quick" moments. They aren't amazing in the taste department, but they are not gag inducing either.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I know your pain. I fell off the wagon when I was on my predisone towards the end of July and beginning of August...what a pain to get back on track!

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