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Thanks for the update on Mel. 2 down and 2 to go on the situations you are dealing with. Good luck.

Hope no one was hurt in the vehicle accident. Actually I'm off work till Monday.

I like the saying, "We plan, God laughs." I'll have to write that one down.
For some reason I don't like the music with the work out DVD's. Great buy on the Body Electric DVD's.

I haven't watched the extra DVD that was in the movie. I may do that tonight. Sorry to hear that Nina is sick again. You could always make salsa out of the tomatoes. My niece and her bf made some good salsa this year.
It will be hard for your mom to move but once she see's the apartment she may want to.
I really need to go do a follow up office visit with the doctor tomorrow to mainly ask some questions concerning the diverticulitis. I rested yesterday and I'm getting off to an early start today.
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