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"We plan, God laughs..." Thank you Laura - best thing I've heard in a long time. I might even make that my signature - So true.

Internet ("high speed" my butt - you have to be "high" to think it's fast ) and phone service - both landline and cell are pretty 1980's out this way. Nothing much we can do about it except complain to ourselves. At least we have it. DH is complaining this morning about the slowness - I can never tell if it's us or the specific sites we are tracking. Yahoo mail and 3FC always seem slow to us. Re: Mom - my sister is looking into some nice senior apartments 2 minutes from her house. It would make it so much easier on her taking care of Mom because right now it's a 40 minute trek (on a good day) each way for her to get into the city. Street parking at my Mom's is a total hassle because there are too many people living in these single family houses that were meant for one car - each house has about a car and a half's worth of parking space in front and there are 3 cars on average in each household now. The house across the street has 10 people and 5 cars living in a house that has 2 bedrooms on the main floor and an attic area - go figure! Plus the traffic is a hassle and my sister is getting at wits end going up that way. Now the fight is to get my Mom out of her house. I understand she doesn't not want to intrude on either me or Sis but this is a gorgeous, bright and roomy 2 bedroom apartment. My Mom's house is literally falling apart - it needs so many repairs and updates. I told my Mom it would sure make it easier if we didn't have to deal with disposing of the house when she passes. Neither my sister or I need or are that interested in the little bit of money we'd get from the house so if my Mom lived off the proceeds of the sale - we'd both be totally happy with that. Of course my Mom is in total stubborn won't have no part of that mode even though her health, her eyesight and her ability to be on her own is declining rapidly. And then there is Nina the cat - we are dealing with expensive issues of getting her health on track. We had her on steroids which worked for the first week, now she has regressed. She is getting lethargic and was developing a belly pooch which we figured was fat because she is not moving much and is perhaps eating more than she should - she gets canned food twice a day with her meds and we leave the gastro enteric dry food out and available for Meadow to nibble all day like she likes. So I called the vet yesterday - they increased the steroid dose and suggested we also give Nina a probiotic. I went to go pick that up - $62 for 14 packets of probiotic and $15 for a refill of the steroids. Do you believe they charged us $27 dollars to MIX UP the darn steroids???? DH is getting frustrated at the continued expense of this cat. I told the vet we could not afford a million dollar cat. Anyway got home and last night I was petting Nina's tummy and was shocked to see it was hard like a balloon, not soft and poochy like I thought it was. Not sure if she was filled with gas or what. She is going potty so that's not the problem. DH softened up a bit when he realized she is just a poor, sick kitty. And Nina seemed to like having her tummy rubbed, she stretched out, looked contented and went to sleep so I'm sure she is suffering too. I have a garden full of tomatoes that I picked the other day - some of them need to be used up so I am looking for recipes. Some could use a bit of ripening so they are sitting in the windowsill. Our weather is goofy - dips to a low of 36 one night and tomorrow it's going to be 86 during the day and 60 at night. My veggies are confused. These temp swings are not good for growth. I did not freeze the blueberries I picked 2 weeks ago and wound up tossing half of them out Thank you DH for not chastising me about that. I had good intentions, just a lot going on and it seems like there were far more things that needed immediate attention than I could handle at once. My back is still giving me pain points throughout my body - although it's a nice day, I think I will put some chili in the crock pot and got put an ice pack on my back and sit and read. I am doing an extra shift tomorrow at the thrift shop. The coordinator sent out another scathing email again and I'm sure my partner will be (righteously) offended when she sees it and this might be the last straw for her. I calmed her down the last time, not sure I can do it again and frankly I don't blame her as I am kind of offended myself. Finally there is a job that opened up with the county government - I can probably do it, it pays really well compared to the minimum wage jobs here - health insurance is provided which would save us a lot of money too. I am debating about it - tomorrow is the last day to apply for it. 35 hours a week, I'm guessing 4 full days and a half day on Friday. Still thinking it over. The thing is, I know I am smart and capable in my mind but the fact is, I am old and other people do pass judgement. So that's my life in a nutshell.

Shad - thank you so much for passing along the Mel update. Poor woman - always a set back. Sending good, healing thoughts to you Mel. Shad - bet I am paying way more in health insurance than you are but I agree - it IS highway robbery, especially for what we are getting out of it. So does this mean you have or know the whereabouts of your new car at last??? Still fighting with the power company? And you're starting a new contract next week?

Michelle - sorry the back is bothering you again. Perhaps you started back at too fast a pace? Do they have a hot tub you can soak in after the gym? Maybe one of those hot patches you can use on your back while sitting at work or we would freeze a water bottle and put it in the crook of the back while sitting in a chair - good for a makeshift ice pack at work. I also did that when my foot was bothering me - no one has to know Feel better

Laura - how great of a score on the body electric DVDs! You can always add your own music if you like. I never thought about it but that makes a lot of sense about the background music and royalties - perhaps that's why so many exercise places use instrumental "generic" music. Oooh Kyle Chandler - I can look at that guy for hours on end!!! Bummer to think of him as playing a parent though. And yikes on the skunk incident! Good thing you saw him ahead of time and were able to take defensive maneuvers (thank goodness for spell check helping me out on that word ) I don't think you'd like it very much in the city. Apparently they are having a bit rat problem - even in the nice neighborhoods.

Annie - oh man - really sorry to hear about DS losing the car. That will make it particularly rough with him doing training at night. Hope they can make it around the repairs and that it won't break the bank for them. I hope your tummy has calmed down. I did smile at your comment of taking the zippity out of your doo dah - totally relatable. Feeling a bit the same - wonder if it's seasonal or just an after effect of trying to eat maybe TOO many of the summer garden veggies before they wilt out.

Speaking of which - anyone have a good recipe for fried green tomatoes. I might have one. Shame so many green tomatoes go to waste. And no, I don't like green tomato salsa either. Don't like hard tomatoes.

Hey Mary - thanks for peeking in. Had a smile at Poo Bear shaving the eyebrows off. He's a good sport to let to photograph it

Ceejay - did you just watch the Gatsby movie or did you get the one with the extra bonus material on it - almost like watching another movie. I didn't and was wondering how it was. Boy how I hate cleaning the car after a road trip - those bugs are glued on and hard to get off. Extra scrubbing required!

Time to go find some lunch and figure out what to pull out for dinner. I have a taste for chili but everything is frozen so I might have to work some magic there. Have a good day all...
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