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Morning all.

Shad - Thanks for passing along the update re Mel. Glad you've got some of the issues sorted (with no fatalities to date). Good luck (& perseverence!) re the remainder.

Annie - Nice you enjoyed your time w/ DS. Too bad about the car. It's hard to share a single car when that's really the only way to get around. A friend of bf and mine was in an accident not long ago and her car was totaled. This was a car she loved, had already had 10+ years, and intended on keeping for 10 more. She only planned on having to buy one more car for the rest of her life (she's in her early 50's), so this really messed up that plan. But as the saying goes...We plan, God laughs.

Happy - Sorry your internet service is not 100% - so frustrating. Especially losing posts!! Hope you're taking care of biz and things are less crazy by now.

Hi Java!! Too funny about the years old letter to Mellie. Go ahead and send it, I'm sure she'll get a big kick out of it. (Make sure there's enough postage on it, LOL. )

Ceejay - Glad you enjoyed The Great Gatsby. Day off yesterday - nice. Do you have another one today?

Michelle - Sorry your back is still sore. I hope you made it to the water aerobics class last night. Keeping the muscles moving is a good thing. Nice to have your b-day weekend to look forward to!!!

Nothing much to report. Yesterday I took advantage of a Labor Day sale and bought a 4-dvd set of Body Electric workouts for 30% off. The series is called "Unplugged" because they are sold without the music tracks so as not to violate the music rights. Past series' of Body Electric were aired on PBS with the music of popular artists and I guess they weren't subject to music royalties because PBS is not for profit; However, they can't be sold by Margaret Richard for profit because of the permission/royalty issues. And the music and voice tracks were not recorded separately, so there's no fixing those old series so they can be sold. For the two more recent series of BE workouts produced, the music and voice were recorded separately and therefore can be sold by MR without the music. Anyway... I'm excited to get this series because for whatever reason, it was never aired on PBS and therefore I never got a chance to record them for myself.

That's about it for me. Everyone have a great day!

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