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Default Keep the week moving!

Good morning ladies. Last night went well, food-wise. I came in at 25.5 points ( my max) but earned 6 exercise points I had a great workout at the gym and then came home and painted another coat on the doors. Tonight I would like to do the final coat on 2 doors and then no more painting for a while! I have plenty of other home projects to keep me busy though - curtains!

LAst night DH and I made dinner, tuna salad. It was funny though b/c we each made our own. He likes Miracle Whip and I like mayonaise. I made an open faced tuna melt with tomato and he had his on a salad. Kinda funny that we ate the same thing totally differently.

I got to work this morning and went to put my lunch in the fridge. I saw tons of food! There is delicious looking carrot cake, roll-up sandwiches and more! I am usually in this office on Mondays but went to a different client so I missed the big party. I heard that they ate all day, muffins and goodies in the morning, lunch and then a party with cake in the afternoon. I thjink I am actually glad I missed it (I must be crazy). I think the leftovers will do me just fine. I can save my lunch for tomrrow and I have the points to do it too I am trying to save some points for tomorrow night though b/c it is my birthday. I don't know yet if I want to go out to dinner but I want to be able to if I feel like it tomorrow night.

Kristy - I hope you are safely home.

Lisa - I am so glad that you are feeling confident about your goals. that is a great feeling and I am sure that you can achieve them!

Shaylene - Summer haircuts are fun. It is a great time for a change!

Lola - I am so glad that you are enjoying being a leader. I am looking forward to that as my goal too.

Angie - My thought are with you this month. My mom died on Mother's Day 4 years ago this year and it is not easy. My grandmother will be here that weekend for my graduation ceremony from Graduate school and that will make it harder for me. I am sending you good thoughts.

Lolly - I hope you gets lots done today. I submitted 3 assignments yesterday and hope to get through at least 1 more today and another tomorrow!

Have a super day everyone and enjoy Spring!!!

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