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Morning all. Hump day already – whoo!

Shad – Now you’ve got a deadline to get all these issues sorted out – good luck, you sure have a full plate of them. I hope a walk in nature will clear your mind for a bit.

Ceejay – Glad you had a good drive back home. How did you like the movie Great Gatsby? Yeh, I’m bound and determined to get the weight off and get out of this standstill I’ve allowed all summer!!! I know many people don’t think daily or frequent weigh-ins are helpful, but I do find it keeps me focused. I should make a point of stepping on the scale before and after the weekend to keep myself accountable!!

Annie – Sorry your insides are not happy today. Do you think it was something you ate? Hope it passes quickly - pun intended!!

Hellos to Mel, Happy and Michelle – hope your aches & pains are easing up, girls!!
I went to the movie “The Spectacular Now” last night. It’s gotten good reviews, and I enjoyed it. The leads and two other supporting actors are not anyone I’m familiar with, but they all were really good. Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Jason Leigh were also in it as the parents. I didn’t even recognize JJL – one of my movie companions thinks she’s had some awful cosmetic work done – and she’s only 50 y.o.… Anyway, it was a good story about a teenage boy who’s gotten on the wrong path in life.

The movie didn’t end too late and we didn’t linger afterwards, so I finally stopped at the gym and filled out the form to cancel my membership. Yay, that’s done!

When I drove up to the house, a skunk was hanging out right by the tree in our parkway!! Nervy beast!! I pulled into the driveway and phoned bf from the car. He shined the flashlight until the skunk made his way across the street. I still hot-footed it into the house. Sheesh I hate that!! I think I need to move out of the suburbs and back into the city. But then I’d have to contend with the urban wildlife – rats & pigeons. And the squirrels are everywhere – no escaping those critters, LOL.

I registered for my combo Pilates/Barre class yesterday, so I’m ready to begin something new. In the meantime, I might get going on an ab challenge.

It felt like I was up several times visiting the bathroom last night – it’s TOM week and all the water I’ve probably retained the past few days decided it was time to vacate my body. Scale was down a pound from yesterday’s home scale reading. Speaking of readings – my bp monitor has crapped out and won’t give me a reading. BF tried it out and believes it’s the main unit and not the arm band, which is a good thing because the unit has a warranty of 5 years and the arm band only has a warranty of 1 year (and that’s long expired). I have to check the mfr’s site to see where I need to return it. I see another trip to the PO in my future.

It was cool this morning when I cycled over to the train and my eyes were watering. I was blotting my eyes with a tissue enroute when my right contact lens moved out of position. Even though I stopped and rubbed around, I still couldn’t get it back in place, though I was sure it was still in my eye. Once I got to the station and had parked my bike, I managed to get it right. Oy! I wouldn’t have been too broken up if the lens had fallen out completely – it’s at the end of its life anyway. Sometimes I think goggles would be a good thing for riding in this cooler weather. Reminds me of the old time open air cars with the drivers wearing leather pilot-type helmets, goggles, and a white silk scarf, LOL. Dang, all I have are swim goggles, haha.

Okay, that’s about it for me. Everyone have a great day!
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