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Quick fly by from me. Seems I am fighting thin air on 4 fronts in getting people to commit to some service. Power company, car company, accountant, and health insurance. Seems no one wants to get a move on. Next Tuesday I start my new job and won't have time to get to talk to anyone during the day. Power company only seem to work 8.00 to 5.00 and not on weekends, ditto car company. Health insurance I have to have only because it will reduce my tax, and they send me something that will not only cost more than the tax it will reduce but doesn't fit with much that I need. Accountant is working on my trust fund and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to sort it. S will be 18 before this gets done if I don't push it soon. What ever happened to service. The car company at least is trying, but they are up against a time constraint and the customs department.
Today is Wednesday. By tomorrow this headache will have metamorphed into a full blown migraine if I don't sort something today.

Meantime I think I might drive down into the local wetlands and go for a walk to see if I can get back to the normal me.

Mel - hope you feel better soon. Get Jen to send a message if you go to hospital
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