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Mel - Glad you're home, sorry you're feeling so poorly. I hope the lab work sheds some light on it and that the drugs help your belly.

Michelle - I'm glad you had a good weekend, but sorry you tweaked your back. I hope you get your friend under control and take back control over your birthday plans!!! It's your day chickie and you should do what you want!

My WW weigh-in today went miserably and i had asignificant gain. Of course when I stepped on my own scale at home I knew I'd likely have a gain, so I didn't bother fasting or wearing my usual clothing for when I weigh in, so the total gain was likely even higher than it would be if I tried to be consistent with what I normally do. But this week is another week, and I need to re-commit.

My question to you - do you find it more beneficial to have a weigh-in right before the weekend or after? I find having a Tuesday weigh-in difficult - not long after a weekend - but do you believe the timing is more helpful/ motivating?? I suppose it helps with accountability, but I dunno. Maybe it really doesn't matter, because it didn't stop me from not tracking and making some poor food choices.
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