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hello coaches,

We had the most glorious spring day here today. I wore a short sleeved top and summer shoes and delighted in all the blossom in the trees. Had a great work day with an activity I was leading that went off really well and got to the end of a really busy patch so felt like I could draw breath at work for the first time in a while. Food and exercise were totally OP and I got back on the bike for the first time in a month and my back is totally fine tonight. Hooray. I had missed my beloved Lucy (the bike). Also felt a bit of loosening up in some muscles in my stretching today. Love how the body rewards you when you do the right thing by it :-)

Gardenerjoy - hope the family gathering went well. Elastics is a game my kids have just discovered that I used to play when I was a kid (and I am pretty sure my Mum played when she was a kid). Great big loop of elastic. Two people stand about 2 metres apart with it around their legs and then the person in the middle jumps - first on one side, then the other, then both legs in the middle, then both on the outside, then inside, then landing on the two strings. If they do it without a mistake then the elastic is moved up the people's legs - the goal being to see who can get the highest. It is SUCH hard work! So amused though - my kids have 'taught' it to me like it is the newest thing on the planet :-) And thanks for the thought re 'wine or dessert' at gatherings.

Silverbirch - intrigued to see if your bet wins out - hard to believe "elastics" isn't a global phenomenon. Good luck with reimplementing "sitting down" - for me it is and incredibly helpful boundary definer.

Tracey on a journey - great observations about what helps you keep motivated. Shall be sending wishes out for a back pain free week for you - it does make it sooooo much harder to stay motivated when exercise options are limited I think.

3TL - yay for not letting another day go by. And yay for 5 pounds gone forever!

national parker - welcome home - LOL on the so much oxygen

Beth - well done for your restraint in the face of pizza. Your and Tracey's comments about the link between success leading to commitment made me think of a mantra that a psych introduced me to years ago when I was recovering from post-natal depression. The mantra goes "action leads to motivation". I find it incredibly useful - so, for example if I don't want to exercise I just tell myself 'action leads to motivation' so that I remember that if I actually do it my enthusiasm will follow. ANd pleased to hear the 'elastics' is indeed a global game (even if the name isn't) :-)

Maryann - welcome back from the blues and well done for having your food planned for tomorrow!
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