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I've read that multiplying your ideal weight (in pounds) by .4 and doing the same for your current weight is supposed to be a good ballpark figure.

For me, that would put my protein target range between 50 -120 g (my ideal weight being around 130 and my current weight being just under 300 lbs).

If you're going to use whey protein powder, I'd HIGHLY recommend using a microfiltered (also called undenatured, nondenatured, cold-filtered or cold-processed) whey protein isolate such as Syntrax. The flavor is much more mild and it dissolves in cold, cool, and warm liquids much better (it will clump in very hot liquids as all whey proteins will.)

I like using unflavored, because it's more versatile. I even add it into soup. For example, I'll make tomato soup (one can of any tomato soup pkus one can tomatoes and green chillies, petite dice) pour my serving in a bowl and let it cool a bit (if it's cool enough to eat comfortably, it's cool enough to add the protein powder). Then I stir in 10-12g of my undenatured whey protein isolate.

I also use it in fruit smoothies, but I like having the option to choose sweet or savory. I also dislike the flavorings in many flavored proteins.

I like Morningstar farms "veggie burgers" also. We buy frozen beef burgers too, but the veggie burgers can be cooked in the microwave and crumbled onto a salad.

My favorite is the Asian patty. To me, they taste like eggroll filling. I really miss eggrolls since giving up wheat (more than a trace triggers skin problems.
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