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Aaaah, now where was I??

The silence from the car dealer is ominous. Probably need to ring him and whinge today. Does he think I can just take out all that money at the drop of a hat?

Then there is the power company. Nothing back from them either.
And the accountant. Nothing about my trust fund. They came back to me with my taxes but not the trust fund. The ATO (IRS to you lot I think) have told me that I overpaid them. Not likely I said, but yes there it was. I had paid them an advance payment twice. Can't have it back, but it will go towards the next estimate. Silly me.

There is no doubt more to whinge about, but I can't be bothered. Not sleeping well and feel stiff and sore. Maybe another trip to the doc is called for. I think the iron levels are down.

Happy - Most of the work I am doing in the garden is the 'bones'. Laying blocks, shifting soil, cleaning up, putting in a watering system and weeding. Once I get an area done, I put new soil in and fertilise, then plant. I'm up to trying to work out how to get around a big tree at the moment. All engineering skills may be needed, or I may just put in a strategic rock fall at that point and then get on with the easier bits.

Mel - pee in the elevator YUK. Seems that some of these folks need more than just geriatric apartments, they need care. Get that housecall in. You haven't been well for a while now. Need to know what is going on. Raining here too. Well sort of spitting and drizzling and then clearing and them back it comes again. No point in washing today.

Ceejay - How nice that you have had a lovely family weekend. I go back to work next week and I don't want to go either.

That's about my lot for now. Cat is behaving strangely. Nothing new there but this is a bit stranger than normal.
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