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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
yes but there are other nutritional purposes than protein, there are vitamins, antioxidants, etc. If you 'eat the rainbow', eating a variety of foods, most of your bases should be covered. I started a supplement because I lowered my calorie intake lower than it has been in a while. When I was doing Crossfit and lifting regularly, I gained quite a bit of muscle eating between 50-60g. So for me at least, I found out you don't need a lot of protein to gain muscle.
True. I take vitamin supplements so even though I know they're better if you get them from food, I tend to not think about it so much. My problem with protein is that if I don't consciously consume it, I hardly do. It's not that I dislike protein rich foods, it's just easier to put some dressing on some veggies than it is to cook chicken for example haha. As it stands, I'm definitely not even getting 50-60g. That's really good to know though that you can gain muscle without focusing so heavily on protein. Thank you!

I really just need to start planning, I think.
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