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Originally Posted by lanabug View Post
I just want to make sure I get in more than the bare minimum because while I am still trying to lose weight, more importantly I want to start building muscle and if I'm working out a lot I want to make sure my body has everything it needs to properly repair & recover! When I used to work out I would drink a protein shake after but I can't stand them now, and I've read that chocolate milk has similar protein & fats to help post workout so I drink that instead, but I want to make the most out of the calories I consume in food. If I eat, I want it to serve a nutritional purpose.
yes but there are other nutritional purposes than protein, there are vitamins, antioxidants, etc. If you 'eat the rainbow', eating a variety of foods, most of your bases should be covered. I started a supplement because I lowered my calorie intake lower than it has been in a while. When I was doing Crossfit and lifting regularly, I gained quite a bit of muscle eating between 50-60g. So for me at least, I found out you don't need a lot of protein to gain muscle.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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