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Thank you all so much for the great tips!

Changergirl, what kind of protein powder do you use?

Novus, ideally I'd also like to shoot for 100 but before reading responses here it felt like such a far fetched number. I guess it's really not! I think my biggest problem, not just with protein but with weight loss in general, is that I don't really plan out my meals until I'm ready to eat. I think it will be easier to follow your suggestions if I incorporated them into planned out meals so I'd know exactly how much protein I was going to get in advance to make sure I get as much as I wanna get.

Nelie, I haven't been tracking like I should but I know it's not much. Ideally I want to get it from food but I'm gonna check out that supplement!

Earthecho, I cannot stand greek yogurt unless it's as a dip, but I never thought to try adding sugar free pudding mix to it to change the taste. Great idea! I've tried protein bars in the past as well but I never found one that didn't taste chemical-y, but I've never heard of these so I'll check them out. And I haven't had cottage cheese since I was a little girl, I kind of assume I still don't like it but who knows? Worth a shot

Ian, like the cottage cheese, I haven't touched fish since I was a kid since I hated it then and never really thought about giving it another go. I'm guessing canned fish is pretty reasonably priced, right? I want to try, I can't resist the idea of having that much variety from chicken, it'd be nice to have so many affordable meat options aside from chicken haha.
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