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WOW !!!!

But to be 25 again.......... SOOOOOOOO young !! mmmm

All I ever wanted to be was 16 so I could get my drivers license, which I got the day after I turned 16.

Like yall, I did not want to get "old."

I spent a year dreading turning 36, don't know why but that really bothered me and messed up 35. Came my birthday and the wife had the cake out for me to blow out the candles. I counted them as I got ready, then say, hey, you only have 35, I am 36. She says no, you turn 35 today !! I nearly fell over. Well, I spent one year dreading 36, I sure as **** was not going to spend another like that. I just enjoyed the year and never gave a thought again about getting older.

I turned 40....... Don't even remember it, but I know I was still having sex 7 times a week and had most things I wanted.

Turned 50, thought I should be physically decrepit. But I still was very active doing everything I wanted to do, even climbing ladders and pruning trees. Sex was still plentiful.

60, now that should be bad. Nope, still had all my hair, physically sexually active, and I got senior discounts !!! WOW

70 Starting to feel the age Still sexually active, still working, and need to get rid of 100 lbs. Still have all my hair which is still brown.

Hope I can report on 80, yall relax and enjoy all of your youth. Due to the modern meds you have a long time to live

But, I will ask you this........ Do ya wanna spend it as fattbutt or a skinny weeny?? I think I know the answer......... Good luck all of ya and ENJOY that youth, however long you allow it to last


PS The difference between a young man and an old man is the young man does it all night, it takes an old man all night to do it

But ain't it funny, God gave young boys a stiff penis and a limber back and they have no idea of what to do with either,

but to us old men he gives limber penis and stiff backs..................
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