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I received my stuff on Thursday and started that night, I work night shift so that was the start of my "day". Very difficult to try to get everything in while working a shift. Patients and emergencies don't really happen to allow for every 2-3 hour meals! But I muddled through and now Sunday night I stepped on the scale and was down 5 pounds! I am really happy the scale is going the opposite direction! I know it is water weight but I talked with a friend of mine who is a doctor. He told me that fat cells hold on to water and release the water before the fat, that is why we lose that water weight before losing fat. So I look at losing the water weight as priming the pump for my fat loss! And I was holding the water anyway and it was affecting the scale, so it had to go!
I always thought that when you lose water weight, you put it on when you drink water, so not the case! Unlike filling up the space left from the water weight loss, drinking it flushes out the toxins and actually keeps the water from being absorbed back into the fat cells. Now, I still have to force myself to drink the water since it is not my habit, but the drink flavors help.
Hope all are doing well this weekend! I am getting ready to drive to my next assignment in Vermont on Friday!
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