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I see this is a very old thread but I am going to post regardless.

I know that I am not responsible for what pops into my head, but I am responsible for what I keep there. To entertain the thought of eating is an act of self torture and will eventually lead to eating.

I have a pact with myself to not eat except when I am hungry, and I do not allow myself to get very hungry. When I am hungry I eat something. I have a card with a list of things I like to eat along with the calories for the portion size I do eat. I then select one or more of them, depending on how many calories I have already ate if applicable. I do not eat breakfast until I am hungry either, that is often close to noon.

As Madalinerosa says a few posts above, I also first ascertain whether I am really in fact hungry. I drink a glass of water then occupy myself with something else of a type that keeps my mind occupied and that often fixes it. However, if it has been a long time since I ate I will just go ahead and prepare something and eat it, usually staying down around 300 calories.

wishing you all the best

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