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Morning all,

Happy September. Where is the year flying to???? Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. I will do my best to live up to September's goals. Glad to see that you set things up for what's happening on your side of the world for a change. No doubt will confuse the lurkers on the board talking about spring time

Got some good storms last night. Took the heat out of the air, should be a nice next couple of days. We might go for an ATV ride - conditions are perfect - not too warm, the rain wet the trails down so they are not dusty. Biggest issue is avoiding the really rutted trails as they will be full of pockets of water. I'm not into the muddy splish splash rough riding that some people favor. I was talking to my sister on the phone and it kept crackling from the lightning so we decided to end our conversation early.

Watched the Great Gatsby. I have to admit it took the first 45 minutes of the movie before I got interested in it. I think I dosed off a few times too and had to keep rewinding the movie Never read the book, didn't realize it was a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet type thing. Baz Lurhman ? - the director does know how to set up the party scenes though We were able to get the movies viewed and returned on time with 15 minutes to spare!

Came back and reviewed some new yoga CDs I recently purchased. I will have to do some modified moves - one wrist and one knee are bothering me quite a bit with arthritis I believe. I do agree with Mel - no matter what, got to keep moving or things will really stiffen up! I would like to start walking again but I have a "catch" in my hip - hard to explain - that makes it difficult to walk any length. Will have to get DH to take the coffee table off the treadmill (wish he had not set it there in the first place). Perhaps I can walk on the treadmill and loosen things up. Argh - it was gray when we got up, then the skies turned blue and now they are dark gray and overcast again. Hope it's not going to rain more. That would put a big crimp in our ride.

Mel - yuck - not sure what is more gross - someone peeing in the elevator car or you having to clean it up. Carpeted floor in a small enclosed place - how many bottles of Febreeze will it take to get the smell of old urine out of there? Maybe you need to leave a bin with some cups and a couple of Depends for emergencies I don't envy you. Love your September owls but particularly your pic down by your siggy. Autumn is my most favorite season even if it does bring the sniffles and sneezes from the decaying leaves and general schmutz in the air. I was worried we might not have a color season this year from the dryness but I think these last few rainstorms will help unstress the trees and let Mother Nature paint her forest. The Big Wedding had Susan Sarandon (who looks amazing), Robert Deniero (who is doing more comedy type movies lately), Robin Williams, Diane Keaton and Katherine Heigl. You might get a chuckle out of it. I hope you feel better - I know what you mean about the chest being a bit heavy - hope it's just seasonal and not a sign of something more serious.

Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. Funny to think you are in the midst of spring and rebirth. I am so used to winding down the year with autumn and winter that I can't even imagine New's Years in Summer Can't wait to see pictures of the garden - you've been doing so much work I'll bet it looks quite lovely.

Hello to the rest of the chicks. I should get off here, get some breakfast and see what DH wants to do today. Enjoy!
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