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Good morning Lolly, Kirsty, Angie, Shaylene and Lola! ANd good morning to all the lurkers!

Angie, I'm sorry about your mom too. I can't imagine what you are going through, but you know we're here if there's anything we can do.

Ali - Yes, it was Montreal. My friend and I joked that we were going to go find some Canadians Mounties to mount (Just kidding of course). But we went all the way to Montreal and I meet this guy from where else, but Boston. I liked him and when he said he'd like my number I was psyched. But my friend was like, he's just a baby, so I told him he was too young for me. 21,25... what's the difference. But then he did talk about his dorm room a few times... and that made me feel old.

Brenda!!! Go Avs! I was so excited they won. BOy am I tired this morning. What happened to Sakic. Don't know whether you're lurking or not, but I thought I'd share my excitement.

And about the croutons, bacon bits... I put neither. But not because of points. I really don't like either... unless they are the big garlic-y home made croutons like at the Olive Garden. I hate the store bought box kind.

Went to the gym yesterday and at one point over my minimum. I was starting to realize that my July 25th goal is totally attainable! I want to be at 170 by July 25th. And while that requires utter committment, I'm definately on my way there. That's 20 pounds in 12 weeks. Doable!!!

You girls have a nice Tuesday.


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