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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Windsong, and Beachers to follow. Sorry to hear about your family and friends losses but pleased that Lou has decided to jump on the Beach Buggy.

Wow! Yesterday was steamy! The temperature in my car was 108 when I went to drive to pet therapy. I am so very glad to have AC. I left it running for a while to cool off before I took poor Jazz to his "job". Today is going to be a bit cooler and way less muggy.

Trash to the curb is first on today's list and then I'll tackle the rest of the day. I need to bake again for the Mill cafe desserts and get some flowers organized - sure will be glad when Monday rolls around and we can close. I also need to tidy my incredibly cluttered desk as one of the guys from the finance committee is coming this afternoon to "play" with my accounting software. I am doing a complete backup this morning! He's setting up some cash flow stuff for the Mill bucks - our flow is a pretty small trickle. I'm planning to let him play with it and do some quilting. That's the plan anyhow.

I have a load in the dryer - cheap rates until 7 - and the oven pre-heating so I'd better scurry around and get stuff going while the house is still nice and cool. It's going to only 81 today with low humidity so ... Get cracking, Ruthie.

Where the heck did this summer go? Hope your Thursday is thrilling in some way. A wave and smile from the trash guy will probably be "it" for me.
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