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Default Thursday Chat on the Beach - August 29

Morning Ladies,

Let's see where have I been? Well, NOT on the Beach!
However, come the first my dh and I will be on the Beach. His younger brother (49) had a heart attack (doing good) and I had been trying to get Lou to lose some weight but he just was not ready.
Days before I had told him I had a great plan but he probably would not do it....he didn't even ask what it was!
Then his brother had the heart attack and I brought it up again and he said ok, what? I told him that if he would lose 50 pounds we would go see friends, the Redwoods, Yosemite next Spring. He said okay!
So, I decided that since I had great success with SB I would put him on the Beach.
I have had personal losses since I left the Beach (my mom's death and many close older lady friend's just last week) Too many other issues but I never forgot about you, Ruth, and all of the Beachers.
Lou has gone hog wild eating all of his goodies and has asked for and bought MORE until the first!!!
Until next time

Health is MY goal and weight loss is MY gift.
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