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OK, I just found this and I am truly amazed, you look HOT!!! I see your blog too and maybe this is covered there but it looks like there is a LOT on your blog, so I didn't look through it all, but I have two questions:

1. Did you hit a big, fat plateau towards the end? If so, how did you bust it? I feel like all the things I've done in the past (changing my exercise routine, rearrange my eating, temporarily up my calories, fast intermittently, etc.) don't seem to work for me now. I've been hovering around my current weight for quite some time. I was able to drop about 8 lbs doing South Beach but the weight loss wasn't "real", as soon as I reintroduced carbs the weight came right back, even with only "good carbs". Any advice to break the plateau near goal?

2. How is your skin so tight, especially in the tummy area? Are you doing anything particular for that? As I lose I still have the tummy pooch and it makes me crazy!!!!!
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